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CincyMusic.com – Interview

CincyMusic.com – Interview

CincyMusic.com – Interview 150 150 The Band of Heathens


Interview: The Band of Heathens Tonight at The Taft
Courtney Chavanell


The Band of Heathens is back with its first new album of new material in two years: Sunday Morning Record. They will be appearing at The Taft Theatre tonight!We sat down with Ed Jurdi prior to the show tonight.
I really enjoy the idea of “Sunday Morning Record” being a tool to help people sit back and reconnect with living real life, enriched by their real surroundings; verses the strange human disconnect we experience as a result of our technologically over-connected world.
What aspects of this record do you think best embody that notion?  

I think the wooden sound and acoustic base of the record really embodies that notion sonically.  Lyrically and content wise, the songs really focus on some of the larger universal themes that all people are dealing with in their daily lives. Love, loss, longing, redemption and transcendence.
Was the desire to pursue that idea partly a result of starting families yourselves? Having children often seems to make people re-focus (like a laser beam) on what matters to them, and re-charges their passion, despite the exhaustion of it all.
I don’t think so.  The idea for the title of the album came after we had assembled the songs and put the pieces together.  
Is that what you are partly conveying on the new record?
Having families has certainly been an amazing source of joy and has opened so many doors of learning and growth that we never knew was possible. In the end, I’m not sure we ever really know where some of the ideas and themes of songs come from. I guess the short answer is that they come from living and being in the world.
Lastly, what can Cincinnatians who’ve never experienced BoH live expect from your show?
First and foremost a really fun evening of music.  We’ll explore a bunch of different parts of our catalogue and try to create a unique and special night, for starters. From there, the possibilities are limitless!

        Good ol’ rock and roll from Austin, TX