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Clams & Jams Vol 2

Clams & Jams Vol 2

Clams & Jams Vol 2 150 150 The Band of Heathens

Thank you for downloading the second installment in the BOH Clams & Jams series.  There a few reasons why we record every show.  For starters, all of us in the band and crew truly enjoy listening to and collecting live shows of our favorite bands, past and present.  Therefore we feel it’s appropriate and it behooves us to follow suit, so that those who are into this sort of thing and are interested in us have a way to do the same–collect and share.  Another reason we record is that each night is a little different with this band.  There are many factors at play here.  For instance, we play in a lot of different settings, most of which have a significant effect on what happens musically during the show.  Over the course of say, a two-week run of shows, it’s not uncommon for us to play a large club, a smaller listening room or café, an outdoor music festival, a theater, a honkytonk or dance hall, etc.  These different environments not only dictate what songs we play but how we play them.  This can lead to some interesting stuff.  Which leads to another reason for recording…A lot of our tunes are structured the same nightly but tend to change within the given context.  Other tunes are much more open-ended and go places, sometimes leading to some unexpected surprises.  Recording the shows is a way to (hopefully) catch ‘lightning in a bottle’.

Finally, a big part of why we are able to do this is we have a great team of people who are behind it.  Joshua Cain Daugherty, our tour manager, has been taping shows for well over a decade and is the executor of our recordings.  Night in and night out, he gets everything set up and sounding good.  He has a great ear and understanding of what makes for a good live recording.

Thanks for listening, and we hope to see you on the road in the new year.

Clams and Jams Vol 2

        Good ol’ rock and roll from Austin, TX