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Everybody Let Your Hair Down

Everybody Let Your Hair Down

Everybody Let Your Hair Down 150 150 The Band of Heathens

After finally getting over our German jet lag, we’ve been back to work for a week before taking a week off for the Holidays. This week we had shows with the Resentments, Bruce Hughes, and with the Randy Rogers Band. This week some of us are headed out of town and some of us are sticking around Austin drinking egg nog by the gallon. We’ve been writing some new songs, trying to get some studio time in, and having a good time looking forward to next year. After a couple more shows right around New Years we’ll be off to Colorado for a couple weeks, and then back to Germany and the Netherlands for three weeks. What can we say, we love ice and snow.


Our manager Ethan Bessey has done a great job of compiling live show recordings over the course of the past year and now we’re giving those recordings away through the “Extras” link on our website. Check them out. We’ll try to keep adding live shows as we get them, as well as any video we find on youtube that tickles our fancy. So go download all you want. Spread the word. And if you have any videos, live recordings, or photos we’d love to see them. Don’t be afraid to send them our way and our management will try to get them up on the site. Send an email to info@bandofheathens.com.


Here is some video footage from our recent shows in Germany:

Germany Image


Germany Vid 2

Also, I thought this was pretty cool. A few days ago we started getting emails and phone calls from people at Billboard in New York. I guess the album is charting on some kind of Heatseeker chart and some indie music charts. Not sure what all that means, but it sounds great to me. Check it out:




It’s been a great year. It’s been a blast recording and releasing our first studio album as the Heathens, touring all over the country and Europe, and meeting so many true music fans everywhere we go. Kindred spirits all around. Thanks for spreading the word like a like a hurricane this year.


Warm regards and egg nog from The Band of Heathens!

        Good ol’ rock and roll from Austin, TX