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Monkey Paw – California Dreaming

Monkey Paw – California Dreaming

Monkey Paw – California Dreaming 150 150 The Band of Heathens

So the Band has been on tour for almost a month now. We’ve played over 20 gigs in 5 states and had a blast along the way. We have seen many familiar faces and places, as well as breaking new ground in places we’ve never been.

To those of you we were able to revisit…thanks so much for all the support, love and good times. Seems like anywhere we go in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado or Utah, we are greeted by familiar faces that are much more like old friends than mere acquaintances. This goes a long way in making life on the road a bearable existence. I cannot express this enough.

As for breaking new ground…the band finally made it out to the west coast. This is especially cool for me since I grew up out there. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve lived in Austin for almost a decade now, and I love every minute of it. But it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the California coast, and boy oh boy, there is nothing like it. Perfect weather, beautiful coastlines, delicious wines and beers and an evolved view of what medicine can be. Sounds like heaven on earth to me.

I even got to celebrate my birthday in L.A., where we played at the Mint that night and proceeded to celebrate the night away. I have included a photo that shows how the evening ended up for me. What can I say…it was like a soft bed…really! I must be getting old.

I’ve also included a photo of myself and Gordy in Sacramento displaying what is now referred to as the “Monkey Paw”. I believe we were somewhere in New Mexico when I decided to start a new form of greeting, similar to the hand shake, the high five, the fist knock or any other ridiculous hand shake greeting people have come up with over the years. It came to me like a revelation, and I just knew that somehow the “Monkey Paw” was going to sweep the nation. Many variations will come along, but what you see in this picture started it all.

I guess maybe I’ve been on the road a little too long???

You be the judge.

Monkey Paw forever,


        Good ol’ rock and roll from Austin, TX