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Vote for the next Free Download

Vote for the next Free Download

Vote for the next Free Download 150 150 The Band of Heathens


We’re driving through New Mexico on our way to a couple more shows before heading home… The new album, One Foot in the Ether, comes out in a couple weeks and we’re thinking of giving another song from the album as a free download and through our website’s Email a Song to a Friend function. Hope you already downloaded L.A. County Blues and are digging it.

What song should we give away? Send an email to info@bandofheathens.com with your vote for the next free download. Our management will get the emails. They don’t know we’re doing this so bombard them with your votes. It’ll be funny. We’ll go back and count all the votes after we get a good laugh from their reaction to their inboxes getting flooded. And I promise you won’t be added to the mailing list or anything. It’s just a vote. We’ll leave the voting open through this Sunday night, Aug 30. We’d like to get you the track early next week. Here are your options:


Shine a Light

Golden Calf

What’s this World

You’re Gonna Miss Me

Right Here with Me

Let Your Heart Not Be Troubled

Somebody Tell the Truth

Look at Miss Ohio

Talking Out Loud

Hey Rider

Pick which one you want next for a free download and send the request to info@bandofheathens.com. We’ll count the votes and give it to you.

Very Simple. Very Easy.

Thanks. Hope to see you soon.


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