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Wallets and Crash

Wallets and Crash

Wallets and Crash 150 150 The Band of Heathens

Sitting backstage in Chicago about an hour before the show. It’s been a good 12 day run out to the east coast and up through the midwest. Good to get back to some places we’ve been before and to reach some new cities we haven’t been to. Lots of radio stops, which have been good, and the shows have been good. Some better than others, but we’re having a good time after taking a week off at the end of October.

The tour started with our tour manager/sound guy Alex forgetting his wallet in Austin. We realized this about an hour north of Austin, and decided that it would be best for him to go almost two weeks without his wallet than to turn around and add a couple hours to our already 15 hour drive to Tennessee. So far he’s doing alright. Ran into one problem when a bar wouldn’t let him in until they saw his ID, which he didn’t have, but he overcame the adversity with a wink and a smile, and his characteristic, “What up, baby!” and they let him in.

Besides that, not much to update. It was beautiful driving into Chicago today watching the setting sun shine down on the city skyline. We were onstage when the Austin City Limits episode aired in North Carolina, but it’s been great hearing feedback from everybody who watched. I think it’s still airing in different areas over the course of the next two weeks.

We’ve met some interesting folks on the way too. Most notably, a large bearded dude with a trucker hat that said, “Low Card”, who burst into our private backstage room in Bloomington, Indiana and exclaimed, “Hi, I’m Crash. I’ve only known about you guys for two months, but you’re my favorite band. Wanna get high?”

Alright, time to get our minds straight before the show. Gotta run. Thanks for checking in. Hope to see you soon.

Looking forward to the Thanksgiving / BOH Birthday Bash at Momo’s on Nov 27.


        Good ol’ rock and roll from Austin, TX